Specializing in exceptional ballet training, Vancouver's Academy of International Dance Arts is a unique school proud to fill a special place in the Vancouver dance scene.  In addition to offering professional calibre ballet classes, Vancouver's Academy of International Dance Arts also offers students the rare opportunity to study and perform diversely rich dance genres from around the world. Our Academy is proud to offer:

  • A private complimentary assessment with the Academy's Artistic Director, Rukshana Elavia  (no obligation to enroll)
  • Exceptional classical ballet training including:
    • optional Technique and Theory Examinations 
    • Pointe, Choreography and Repertoire
  • Ballet Appreciation Cards that allow talented, hardworking students to do extra classes at no extra fee
  • Beautiful International Dance choreographies within the program curriculm and through guest teachers
  • For prospective students, the Academy is pleased to offer free tryout ballet classes 

Because The Academy of International Dance Arts is small by design, this offers some key advantages which include:

  • small to reasonably sized classes
  • individual attention and correction for all students in a disciplined, warm encouraging setting
  • greater/direct teacher-parent interaction and feedback
  • gifted individuals greater opportunity to perform solos from classical ballet repertoire etc. than might not be available at a larger dance institution
  • privately tailored coaching with an AIDA Assistant at a very reasonable rate

On the practical side the Academy is pleased to offer:

  •  high quality training and a flexible fee payment schedule for families with budget concerns
  • a credit for new student referals
  • a costume usage fee that covers the use of multiple costumes at a fraction of their purchase value.
  • a large, bright convenient studio location in South Vancouver accessible to both East Vancouver and the Westside, Champlain Heights, Richmond and Burnaby and readily accessed by the #49 and #8 bus routes
  • easy, free parking directly outside the studio

From classical ballet to a world of dance beyond, Vancouver's Academy of International Dance Arts is proud to offer aspiring young dancers a uniquely rich dance experience. If you'd like to learn more about our school, summer classes etc., please contact us... *As each student's background, needs and aims are unique, we'd encourage you to call rather than e-mail for a more interactive conversation. Whether or not you choose to enroll your child at our studio, we'd be happy to answer your questions and offer suggestions.

"Somewhere in every one of us, no matter how deep it may be hidden is a latent germ of beauty ... We dance because this germ of beauty demands such expression and the more we give it outlet, the more we encourage our own instincts for graceful forms."
- Anna Pavlova

The Academy of International Dance Arts

Telephone: 604-327-9313


808 East 50th Ave
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5X 1B5