While an initial assessment can give some idea of a student's natural ability, dance potential etc., it takes time to see how an individual child learns, progresses and blossoms technically and artistically. Students who have been with The Academy for some time and stand out for both their gift and commitment to their dance studies may be: offered extra classes at a nominal cost or on bursary; allowed to intergrate into the next division ahead of their peers and/or be selected to perform challenging solos. One of the key advantages of belonging to a small school is the scope offered for deserving students to study and perform solo or small group choreographies that they might not have the opportunity to readily perform in a larger institution with many more students. For advanced level students or aspiring professionals, the chance to perform challenging solos from the repertoire of famous classical ballet is an especially valuable experience.

For teen beginners, skaters, gymnasts or ballroom students with above average dance potential, the Academy is pleased to offer specific classes designed to accelerate technical and artistic progress to derive the most from classical ballet training.

"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent dirction and skillful execution."
- Will Foster

The Academy of International Dance Arts

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