International Dance

The richness of the dance world extends to every corner of the globe - well beyond the trio of ballet, tap and jazz traditionally offered at most schools. Across cultures, dance offers an endless array of styles, mood, musicality and costume each as unique as a snowflake yet sharing the universal language of movement. Vancouver is a city of enormous diversity, and The Academy of International Dance Arts is proud to reflect this diversity through choreographies that fuse or are inspired by different national dance styles. To achieve this, the Academy Director, Ms Elavia draws upon her extensive background in several international dance genres to create innovative works that express the flavour of ethnic/national dance arts. In addition, the Academy is pleased to invite guest teachers respected in their dance specialty to train students to perform more traditional works.


Obviously, to specialize in any given style of dance takes years of study, and it is not realistic to expect any student - no matter how good - to "master" a multitude of syles. However, one of the many benefits of quality ballet training is that it lays a strong technical foundation and body awareness for the study of other dance idioms.

At each level of classical ballet training, The Academy of International Dance Arts imbues an appropriate introduction to a dance style that compliments ballet training or lends itself well to a classical ballet foundation. Gradually, as students progress through the divisions, there are greater opportunities to expand one's knowledge and repertoire of international dance styles. The goal, again, is not to become an "expert" in a given style but to gain a greater appreciation and awareness of the endless ways in which gesture, line and movement can be expressed. Dance, after all, is more than brilliant tricks; it's the shades of moods from exciting to subtle that express the amazing human body in all its wealth of forms.

Currently, the Academy has choreographies that reflect influences from several parts of the world including: Russia, Spain, China, India, the Philippines, west Africa, and Latin America.  Every year new works and regions are added, and those students who are particularly keen to explore international dance genres beyond those intergrated in the Academy program may take part in optional workshops with guest teachers. Special dance artists that have shared their dance specialty with AIDA students include Jessica Jone of the well known The Lorita Leung Dancers, Rohan D'Silva of the internationally acclaimed Shiamak Indo-Jazz, and in demand African dance artist, Jacky Essombe.

To have the chance to experience the rich diversity of the dance world under the roof of a single studio is an opportunity not to be missed!

"The truest expression
of a people is its dance."
- Agnes de Mille

The Academy of International Dance Arts

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