Ballet Program Entry

The Academy of International Dance Arts is ideally suited for attentive, motivated students keen to achieve their personal best. Ballet is a demanding art, and a child's love of dance must show through her attitude, attendance and commitment to hard work. It is precisely because dance is such a challenging discipline, that the Academy strives to create a positive, encouraging atmosphere free of undue stress and unhealthy rivalry.

All prospective students are required to attend one of the following suitable for their age & experience at no obligation:

* A Complimentary Class OR

* A Complimentary, Private Assessment

Thereafter, the Academy Director will discuss training options with the parent.   If the AIDA program looks like a suitable "fit", the parent can first enroll their child for one month before committing to the remaining term of study.

Program Divisions:

The Academy of International Dance Arts offers a high calibre, comprehensive training programme which blends the best of traditional and innovative training approaches/techniques to achieve exceptional standards and maximize the most from each class. The program is divided into five
Divisions which students progress through - each division usually requiring 2 - 3 years study.  Class lengths vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours  30 minutes in length.

* Ages shown are a general guideline only.

  • Dance Foundation:          ages 5 & 6 yrs
  • Children's Ballet:              ages: 7 & 8  yrs
  • Junior Technique:           ages: 9 - 11 yrs  
  • Elementary Technique:    ages 12-14 yrs
  • Senior Technique:           ages 15+ yrs 
  • Beginner Technique: for older children & teens as well as skaters, gymnasts with no/limited experience

Academy  Curriculm:

Curriculm development over the full program includes:

  • Free/Open Technique designed to maximize and accelerate progress
  • Examination Syllabi (Optional - Cecchetti International/Royal Academy of Dancing)
  • Theory Examinations (Optional) designed by the Director to instill greater understanding of correct terminology, proper placement etc. 
  • Ballet Choreography for Academy Theatre Performances and Special Outside Performance and Events
  • Pointe Work
  • Classical Ballet Repertoire
  • Character/ International Dance Study and Choreography intergrated into regular classes, and offered in optional Guest workshops. 

At all levels the Academy strives to develop the following qualities relative to the age and level of the student:

  • Strong, precise technique, strength and stamina
  • Aesthetic awareness, beauthy of line, lyricism,
  • Breadth of movement, artistry and professionalism
  • Musicality, creativity and expressing the joy of dance
  • Refined co-ordination, versatility of styling and flexibility
  • Keen observation skills
  • Avoidance of poor habits and application of corrections

AIDA Youth Company:

There are many students who love dance and have an aptitude and gift for performing but who can't commit to the time of an intense dance schedule running up to six days a week.    The AIDA Youth Company offers these students a chance to learn and perform high calibre ballet and international dance choreographies for a variety of special performances and events in Vancouver with a more flexible class and practice schedule.  In essence, this is the ideal compromise for those who wish a serious program more challenging than the educational study of dance but not as time consuming as full time dance programs.  Entry into the AIDA Youth Dance Company is by invitation of the Director or for prospective
students, by private audition.  For details, please phone AIDA @ 604-327-9313.

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